Bridge Brew Works - Fayetteville, West Virginia

We have a goal to make a lasting connection with everyone in West Virginia who enjoys craft brewed beer.

We’re glad you found us, we know, we aren’t exactly easy to find. To be honest we aren’t always sure ourselves where to find our beer. Why? We’re small. Very small, and we like it. You will too. Our goal is to bring quality craft beer to new areas in and around West Virginia.

Being a small craft brewery allows us to keep our eye on all the little details. The things that are the difference between being good and great and bringing a variety of beer styles to Southern West Virginia.

There are just two of us here at the brewery ordering the ingredients, brewing the beer, cleaning kegs, capping bottles and working with our valued distributors. So, you will have to forgive us for not offering tours. Also you’ll have to understand that there is no tasting room to visit. It’s not because we’re trying to hold onto our beer, it’s just the law that we have to follow. We invite you to view our virtual tour, and stop by one of the many fine local restaurants that we're happy to have serve our beer.


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    Ask questions, and view some of our favorite homebrew recipes.

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    Sorry, we don't offer tours, but you can join us for a virtual tour.

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    We offer a variety of seasonal and year-around beers. Learn more about each one of them.

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    Thirsty? Find Bridge Brew Works near you.

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